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I spent 4 months, during which he lengthened my shortened leg

Emmanuel Ulayi
56-year-old Businessman

In 1998, I was returning to Obudu from Calabar on October 15, when, at Ikom, a commercial Motorcycle ran over me and dragged me to distance. I sustained bruises, lacerations and abrasions on the right shoulder, hand and thigh and was bleeding profusely from the upper part of the right leg. I passed out soon after and when I recovered the following day, I found himself in a private clinic in Ikom. After close examination, the doctor diagnosed that I had fracture of the right tibia and fibula, before I was transferred to the Sacred Heart Hospital, in Obudu. After 4 months an x-ray showed that the bones had not united and some of the fragments were dead as result, I was referred to the consultant Orthopaedic surgeon at Benue Leprosy Rehabilitation Hospital, Mkar who happened to be Dr. Omeonu. Initially, I was reluctant. 

But that was until the visit of a medical doctor, an old friend, who now convinced me to go to Hopeville. Seeing me and my x-rays, Dr. Omeonu confirmed all the medical reports, but disagreed with the internal fixation proposed by some orthopaedic hospitals I had visited earlier. He said that was not the best option for me as it could lead to the worsening of the existing infection and prolong my stay in the hospital for wound treatment. He assured me that he had some equipment which he would use to ensure that bone-union and wound healing took place at the same time, while maintaining the length of my leg which was about 5cm short.  “The following day, I was admitted. I spent 4 months, during which he lengthened my shortened leg to the length of the healthy one, healed the diseased bone and united the fractured bone. 

Thereafter, I had cause of 1-month physiotherapy. I now fully mobilize unaided. I was discharged the same month in August 1999. Now, I feel strong again, I walk, I drive and run. As far as my leg is concerned, I am physically healthy.