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Our Medical Director

Dr. Omeonu Sylvanus - Hopeville Hospital

DR. OMEONU SYLVANUS (Medical Director)

Dr. Omeonu Sylvanus is the foremost limb reconstructive and rehabilitative orthopedic surgeon and Ilizarov surgery specialist in Nigeria. He successfully transferred the Ilizarov technology to Nigeria in 1992 and has since been propagating it. 

He adopted it as primary treatment method for difficult musculo-skeletal problems. With it, he united all fractures that have presented to us, saved several severely injured limbs from amputation, replaced lost bone segments, grown new bones and lengthened many short legs, united old fractures, corrected bone and joint deformities and cured chronic bone infections.

Dr Sylvanus Omeonu obtained his Doctor of Medicine (MD) degree in 1982 from State Medical  Medical Institute, Kalinin, USSR, (1986-1988), obtaining a Master of Science (MS) degree (orthpaedics and trauma). During the period, he was able to combine his Clinical Residency training with a Research Programme on Reconstructive and Rehabilitative Surgery, using the Ilizarov techniques, as well as Preventing Deep Vein Thrombosis in trauma patients. His supervisor, Prof Kiselev U.B, found him worthy to be seconded to the Prestigious Central Institute for Traumatology and Orthopaedics (CITO) Moscow, USSR, where he benefitted immensely from the exposure and experience of surgeons in the Institution, which was then a hospital, a research laboratory and a manufacturing outfit for the entire Country, especially in the use of Ilizarov’s Circular Device. In 1988, he became a research fellow in CITO where he got his Ph.D in Orthopaedics and Traumatology in 1992, qualifying him as a Candidate of the Russian Medical Sciences.

To facilitate the transfer and propagation of Ilizarov method and techniques to Nigeria, Dr Omeonu Sylvanus founded a world-class Orthopedic and Trauma Hospital – Hopeville Specialist Hospital, Gboko, Benue State in 2001, which he relocated to Port Harcourt in 2004. 

Hopeville Specialist Hospital serves as a foundation for the next generation of Nigerian Orthopedic Surgeons in limb reconstruction and limb salvage surgeries, using the circular external fixation. He is pursuing aggressive manpower development through partnership with Teaching Hospitals and the Federal Medical Centres across the Country, by organizing training workshops, seminars and conferences for practicing orthopedic surgeons and interns on Ilizarov surgical techniques. 

Dr Omeonu has numerous well researched publications in local and international medical journals. He is a member of several medical associations and has won many awards of excellence in medical practice. He is happily married with a family of three medical doctors and a business analyst and administrator.